Vertix is an awesome 2d multiplayer shooter/game in classic io game style. There are a bunch of game modes available to play which are on constant rotation(timed matches). At the end of the match, you can vote on what game type you'd like to play and the one with the highest votes wins. There are also some pretty cool classes to choose from such as Triggerman, hunter and Rocketeer just to list a few. Out of all the io games I have reviewed, I'd say this one is pretty high up on my recommended list as it managed to keep me entertained for a long time.

How to play
Vertix offers over 10 different classes all equip with different weapons and specialities, some have a sniper rifle where as some have fast rate of fire SMGs or rifles to be used. The maps are well structured for whatever game mode you're playing and even new players have the chance to improve and have fun. However if I'm perfectly honest it will take a bit of practise to fully immerse yourself into this game as some of the more seasoned players are incredibly accurate and know the maps better.

To move around use the WASD keys, the space bar is used to jump and the mouse is used to aim and shoot it couldn't be simpler to have fun whilst wrecking your opponents!

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